Create, store and manage your customers. Search your client database in seconds.

Smart customer management for workshops.

In Karzen your customers are secure and accessible wherever you are on any device.

Rich Client Records

Choose how little or much info you want to keep on your customer, and add more when you want to.


Add a car in seconds by accessing thousand of pre-existing vehicles based on the make, model, year and trim. And if you can’t find it, create it using custom field.

Rich Vehicles Records

Choose how much vehicle info you want to start with, add more when you want to: odometer, VIN, licence plates, colour, fleet unit or a simple description.

Service History

See records of workshop jobs carried out, lifetime & historic customer values, invoices and recorded payment.

Quick Actions

Quickly add a vehicle, update client information or create a work order, an invoice or an appointment for a client.

Customer Exports

Use the Export wizard to pull out your customers into an Excel spreadsheet.

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