Store your workshop services and keep an eye on parts and accessories levels for use on work orders and invoices.

Smart parts management for workshops.

Add a part in seconds, manage inventory and report on sales.

Quick set-up

Add and configure new parts, items and accessories directly in your inventory board.

Rich Inventory Records

Choose how much part info you want to start with, add more when you want to: name, brand, internal code, SKU, description, category, location, minimum quantity alert, quantity, cost of goods, MSRP and unit price.

Parts Stock Inventory

Accurately track your parts stock levels that will adjust based on usage in work orders and invoices.

Parts Order History

Keep track of orders for each part. Quickly add inventory to existing part.

Easy Parts Bundle

Quickly bundle together common parts and services into packages to speed up work orders and invoices. Feature coming soon.

Parts Reporting

At-a-glance visual reports for parts purchased and sold which you can export to Excel. Feature coming soon.

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